NAH Project

Flexknit V3.0 Carbon Black


Choose What You Pay

Kamu bisa memilih harga beli yang sesuai dengan keinginan kamu untuk membeli Flexknit V3.0.

Pricing I: You cover full components of the product. (Production, packaging, NAH operations and R&D cost, meaning we will have the chance to build a new, exciting product that could be yours).

Pricing II: You cover only the production cost, packaging, and enough margin to cover our operations.

Pricing III: You cover only the production cost, packaging, and a little margin for us.


NAH Project's remarkable & all-time favourite sneakers. Made with upgraded Flexknit Technology, more comfort and better fit.



  • Upper: Flexknit, a double-knit technology embedded with flexwire
  • Outsole: EVA Phylon
  • Insole: NAH Autofoam


Transparency Pricing

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