Spark Dry Sand White

Rp.350.000 Rp.580.000

Skateboarding is your daily ritual, taking you from the warmth of your bed to rocking the streets as you seek out new adventures and goals. Let the SPARK help you conquer your fears. Underfoot traction keeps you going over every obstacles, while still providing a smooth ride for the board. SPARK - in addition with SparkPLUG, providing you the right fit, feel and protections. You don’t have to worry about your feet anymore. Let us take care of it. Spark Your Pulses!

Highest Level of Performance //
A great shoe for prolonged skateboard activity. With SparkPLUG - Our new insole innovation, made from Open Cell Polyether PU materials - ensures a comfortable feeling and gives great impact protection. The elastic rubber on the tongue will keep the tongue static, reducing unwanted interruption while attacking those rails.

Inevitable Bond //
Feel an inevitable bond between the outsole and your boards, as if the shoes grips the board for you as you move.

Protect at All Cost //
The multi layered upper materials and insole will protect the feet. The upper toe panel has the ability to cover the ollie area. Add that with the ankle padding, that provides great aid to prevent any minor injuries. Able to support your activity throughout the day. Attack those obstacles!

Feels Like a Second Skin //
The allow-top design which gives the shoes much needed versatility, and completed with vulcanize constructions. Spark runs true to size. There is no need to seek a smaller or bigger size. Feel free to choose your actual size.

Long-lasting Materials //
Constructed with suede on the front area and canvas on the quarter, make Spark fits for skateboarding. Worry-less about the damage on your shoe while performing impeccable moves. Spark is made with a full layer combinations of suede and canvas. When the suede worn out, the canvas underneath still makes you unstoppable.

On and Off The Board //
Spark is well-fit to be worn with any kind of outfit, and all of the color options are great for almost any occasion. Not only looks elegant, classy, and stylish on your feet, but it also provides you the spark of confidence throughout the day. 

Available in 3 colors: Black White, Dry Sand White, and Forest Green.

Product Specifications:
  • Versatile design in min- Low-cut silhouette, streamlined look.
  • Soft touch materials gives you comfortable feeling.
  • Suede and Canvas are durable and breathable
  • Logo Icon - Printing pulse design on quarter side
  • Logo Icon - Printing pulse and 180 logo on back tab
  • Full rubber wrapped group of pulses outsoles improve traction and flexibility. 
  • Signature Outsole - Leave your mark
  • PU Insole (Spark Plug)
  • More protection
  • Internal tongue straps for a locked-in fit and more board control.


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